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Obviously, we are all living in extremely trying times.  None more so than our medical communities.  We are all aware of the need for N-95 type masks for some staff.  We also understand that, on a daily basis, many staff can also be approved to wear other types of face protection. What we provide is for general daily use far beyond the current viral situation.  A product that can project confidence and ease to those being cared for. RAU Premium masks are designed as a high quality long term face protection solution but also tailored and business-like and approachable.  It is also key to look sharp every day and making them wrinkle resistant, machine washable and reusable was the key.  RAU masks are also designed to be easily folded and stored in a pocket to be on hand when needed.  Being water repellent and easily cleaned is also the key in the medical field. This cannot be said for cloth or paper masks. This is a real cost savings in the end.

RAU Premium face masks

  • Rau masks are a 3-layer proper health & safety design.
  • Outer layer consists of water, stain & mildew resistant ripstop material.  Not only resists moisture & droplets but daily wear & tear resistant.
  • Face side layer consists of soft 100% organic cotton.  Breathable, non-irritating and stays looking clean longer.
  • Middle filter layer consists of 1.4mm of non-woven pressed interfacing.  Similar to that of N-95 masks.
  • Machine washable and dry-able or wipe with warm soapy cloth in-between washes..
  • ”Slide-adjusted” elastic ear straps for a perfect fit to all wearers.  No more sagging masks.
  • Pleated design for a better face-fit.
  • All masks come individually safety-packed and ready to use.