About Rau Force athletic gear

RAU (raow)

RAU was conceived in 2015 around conversations with other friends, athletes and adventure lovers. To create not only a brand but a positive way of thinking. RAU is pure, true and unfiltered. RAU is rough, tough, intense and unstoppable. From our loves of CrossFit and training to our obsessions with nature and adventuring, RAU is overcoming any obstacle put in front of you. Go over it. Go through it. Go forward.

RAU is based in beautiful San Diego, California. After launching in late 2016, it became obvious, there were others who felt like we did. The support and positive response has been truly amazing and after only a few short months we began shipping internationally. From the UK to Germany to Australia, RAU is growing and we’re all super excited. Hearing stories from random strangers, thanking us for creating something with a positive message and letting us in on a part of their lives is both incredible and humbling. This is RAU. This is bigger than us. What we do here matters. What we do together has no boundaries.

Thank you for appreciating our world and letting us be a part of yours. We hope you’ll join Team Rau and spread the good word.